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Welcome to Daver Steels

Daver Steels manufacture high strength structural tie rods and compression struts with a high specification finish for architectural applications. Daver Steels are also processors of sheared plates, cold formed sections and fabricators in stainless and carbon steel.

Structual Tie Rods:-

Established in 1996, Daver Steels DST520 system provides a technical solution to your tie rod requirements. We have a wide range of experience with tie rod systems and can offer assistance to architects, designers, structural steel fabricators and end users.



Compression Struts:-

The compression strut comprises of a central tubular section complete with threaded fork end and pin connections at each end.

Steel Fabrication, Sheared Plates and Formed Sections:-

We produce sheared plate, cold formed angles and channels in both carbon and stainless steel. We service the metals trade, steel stockists, fabricators, engineers and contractors.