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Cold Forming

Cold Forming is a manufacturing process used to shape metal without having to heat up the material. This is usually accomplished by pressing the material within various top and bottom tooling, to create a part to the customer’s features and dimensions.

Daver Steels has two brake presses in operation – 400 tonnes x 4 meters and 60 tonnes x 2 metres, both modern fully CNC controlled and used to cold form steel channels, zeds, angles and other shapes from grades of stainless steel and carbon steel, as well as Duplex, and Aluminium.

The table is an indicative guide to what can be achieved, please contact us to discuss specific requirements:

Equal Angles

ThicknessB  x CMaximum Length
3mm — 30 x 30mmUp to 300 x 300mm4000mm Long
4mm — 40 x 40mmUp to 300 x 300mm4000mm Long
5mm — 50 x 50mmUp to 300 x 300mm4000mm Long
6mm — 60 x 60mmUp to 300 x 300mm4000mm Long
8mm — 75 x 75mmUp to 300 x 300mm4000mm Long
10mm — 90 x 90mmUp to 300 x 300mm4000mm Long
12mm — 120 x 120mmUp to 300 x 300mm3000mm Long
15mm — 150 x 150mmUp to 300 x 300mm2000mm Long

Other combinations of unequal leg lengths are also possible.

Cold formed equal angle section manufactured from sheared plate or strip cut to size on our CNC guillotine, to a customer’s specific dimensions.

Unequal Angles

Unequal angles are formed by bending a piece of steel into an angle so that it forms an L shape with a 90֠ angle. The legs of the L are unequal in size. The formed pieces will have a sheared edge so must be handled with appropriate PPE.

Zed Sections

Cold-formed zed sections are manufactured from folded sheared plate or strip to specific dimensions tailored to each project.

Holes or slots can be added as required.

Base dimensions must be greater than the leg dimension.

The internal radius will be 1.6 x thickness e.g. 5mm thick angle will have an 8mm internal bend radius. 

Zed sections are used for secondary connections in all parts of the building envelope.

Cold Formed Channels

Also known as c sections, u channels or pressed channels

The ratio of the leg to the base of the channel section depends on the thickness of the material being pressed. As a rule:

  • Internal radius is 1.6 x thickness
  • External radius is 2.6 x thickness
Leg (min)
Base (min)
Leg (max)
Base (max)
 Length (max)

The maximum length of a single piece depends on the material thickness.

Cold Forming Tolerances

Can you fold any other shapes?

Yes, we can fold other shapes, for example, trays, upstands and lips. Please contact our Sales Office with a drawing of your requirements.


Parts can be supplied self-colour / mill finish, meaning they have no other treatment.

Any of the cold-formed carbon steel components can be finished with a protective coating such as: galvanising, wet paint, intumescent or polyester powder coating.

Options for finishing stainless parts include; pickling & passivation and polishing. For more detailed information please see Finishes.