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Environmental Policy

Daver Steels Ltd is a specialist constructional steelwork fabrication company. We recognise that our activities and products have an impact on the environment in terms of raw materials, emissions to air and water, and waste generation, and seek to minimise this as far as reasonably practicable.

Daver Steels maintains an accredited Quality & Environmental Management System

Daver Steels is committed to:

  • Continual improvement in its environmental & sustainability performance
  • Preventing pollution
  • Compliance with all environmental & sustainability legislation, regulations, and codes of practise relevant to our industry.

It is the policy of Daver Steels to:

  • Make efficient use of natural resources by conserving energy & water, minimising waste, and recycling where possible.
  • Meet its duty of care requirements in relation to handling and disposal of waste.
  • Plan transport use to minimise emissions. Operate and maintain company vehicles to maximise efficiency.
  • Evaluate all new investment proposals, activities, products and processes prior to approval to assess their likely environmental impacts.

Daver Steels will review and update this policy on an annual basis.

Daver Steels will communicate this policy to all our employees and ensure that they are given appropriate training to raise awareness of environmental & sustainability issues. Employees are expected to conduct their work in a manner compatible with our Environmental Policy and objectives.

The policy is available to interested parties and members of the public. This policy can be viewed via the company’s website,, and internally in the main office

Environmental Management Structure & Responsibilities

Robert Butts, Director has the overall responsibility for the management and implementation of the Quality & Environmental Management System.

His role is to:

  • lead companywide environmental and sustainability practices ensuring there is a clear operational plan in place to deliver the organisation’s strategic objectives.
  • maintain environmental regulatory compliance including continued accreditation to ISO 14001 whilst working alongside external partners, auditors, and consultants.
  • to oversee the maintenance of the QEMS documentation and processes, in particular the Compliance Register, Action Plans and Audits

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