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Daver Steels manufacturers structural steel components largely for the construction industry. 

Other sectors we also supply include manufacturing, water & waste treatment, rail, nuclear, marine and pharmaceutical. We are certified to undertake fabrication work to Execution Class 3 and our welding operations conform to BS EN ISO 3834, which is sufficient for most building projects. Download our certifications here

Our Areas of Expertise

Daver Steels does not specialise in any one type of product but regularly manufactures fabrications for developments & redevelopments all over the UK, often working with a client on several phases of a project. All of our work is bespoke and made according to our client’s requirements. We do not offer design or installation, but we can interpret the needs of our clients, offer value-engineered advice & solutions and produce fabrication drawings for the client’s approval.

We can fabricate using many materials and we carry over 70 WPQR’s (Weld, Procedure, Qualification, Records), enabling us to weld almost any material and geometrical configurations. Materials that we offer include, but are not limited to; S275, S355, S460 carbon steels, high carbon steels, 304, 316, duplex stainless steels, 1050, 5083, 6082 aluminiums.

We offer most manufacturing processes in-house, but we also lean on our extensive knowledge and skilled supply chain to offer many add-on services such as galvanising, painting, powder coating, pickling & passivation, polishing, plating, machining and many others.

Windposts, Parapet Posts & Brickwork Supports

Windposts, parapet posts and brickwork support brackets are supplied in stainless and carbon steel. The windposts are typically used to reinforce masonry walls and provide lateral support for panels of brickwork & blockwork between stories. Parapet posts are used at roof level and serve the same purpose as windposts, but cantilever. Brickwork support brackets are used to transfer vertical brickwork loading back to the primary structure and typically fix to the floor slab with adjustable serrated connections, all of which we manufacture in-house. Carbon steel posts & support brackets are usually galvanised, whereas stainless assemblies are typically self-colour.

Exterior Cladding

We manufacture components that are delivered to the site & assembled to create façade systems, such as Stick Curtain Walling that is used to frame structural glass or decorative stone façade systems. These components are generally bespoke and often repetitive in their nature. They typically offer a degree of tolerance adjustment to align the looser primary structure tolerances with the tighter façade tolerances. We can supply all the necessary ancillary fixings required to assemble the system on-site, such as shims, packs, bolts, nuts, washers, dowels, thermal breaks, acoustic isolation, etc.

Balustrades & Handrailing

We specialise in the manufacture of architectural balustrading and handrailing for projects small and large. These are typically of a visual nature and extra care and attention is required during fabrication and welding. We will often use the TIG welding process, which offers a much neater weld profile. Carbon steel assemblies are typically galvanised and powder-coated and stainless-steel assemblies are usually supplied with a polished finish.


We manufacture balcony base frames, which usually cantilever from the side of a structure and can be manufactured to suit offsite installation of flooring, balustrades and handrailing. This allows for modular construction and facilitates a speedy installation on site. Balcony frames usually allow for an installation tolerance using our serrated pad and washer system. A thermal break is typically installed between the connection to the primary structure and we can source and supply these if required.

Glulam & Timber Framed Fabrications

Daver Steels offers bespoke & standard connections & fixings in stainless steel and galvanised carbon steel for the manufacture of timber & glulam framed constructions. These connections could be concealed or exposed, and are produced to a customer-supplied design.

Glulam (glued laminated timber) is a high-performance engineered timber product used for high load-bearing structures and for its visual appearance, versatility & strength. It has a similar load-bearing capacity as steel and can be used on spans up to 100 metres. 

We manufacture base shoes, flitch plates, node connections and connection plates, of varying complexity. Fabrications typically incorporate cut steel plates (sheared, profiled, plasma or laser), cut standard steel sections and tubular or rolled components. 

We also partner with glulam and timber frame contractors when hybrid designs specify a combination of primary steelwork and timber. This situation often arises on new build schools, colleges, hospitals, student accommodation, etc. We act as the steelwork specialist offering advice on specifications, designs, value engineering, etc.