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Cutting Processes

After cleaning the surface of the steel comes the manufacturing process of cutting & machining.

Here we explore the methods used at Davers for cutting steel, using a variety of different machinery. Selecting the right method will depend on accuracy, lead time and costs involved for the size of the project, as well as the grade and thickness of material.

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Holes & Slots

Making holes through punching, drilling or using the plasma cutter are all viable processes and are selected depending on the need, time scale and equipment availability for each project.

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Cold Forming

Cold Forming is a manufacturing process used to shape metal without having to heat up the material. This is usually accomplished by pressing the material within various top and bottom tooling, to create a part to the customer’s features and dimensions.

Daver Steels has two brake presses in operation – 400 tonnes x 4 meters and 60 tonnes x 2 metres, both modern fully CNC controlled and used to cold form steel channels, zeds, angles and other shapes from grades of stainless steel and carbon steel, as well as Duplex, and Aluminium.

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Tie Bar & Cable Systems

We manufacture high-strength structural tie rods and compression struts with a high-specification finish for architectural applications. Our in-house machine shop and stock material allow us to deliver custom products that cover a large array of applications quickly and of high quality.

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