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Serrated Steel Solutions

Daver Serrated Solutions Ltd are UK manufacturers of serrated square washers, pads & plates.
Supplied in grades of Stainless, Carbon steel & Aluminium.
Laser cut for quality & precision

Uses of Serrated Pads & Washers

How do they work together?

The serrations on a pad and the accompanying washer allow them to interlock to provide a solution suitable for applications where;

  • A vertical fixing requires vertical adjustment during fitting and levelling
  • A horizontal fixing requires horizontal positional adjustment during fitting

The pad or patch is laser cut with a slot & is typically welded into place, whilst the square washer is supplied with the correct hole size to take the bolt selected to lock the system. The interlocking pads & washers can provide adjustment in 3mm increments.

Typical applications:

  • Brickwork Fixings
  • Stonework Fixings
  • Façade Engineering
  • Secondary Steelwork
  • Wind Posts
  • Solar Shading Fixings
  • Timber Engineering

Quotations & Ordering

Contact a member of the Daver Steels sales team who will be happy to provide you with a quote for your serrated requirements. Please send your enquiries to

For us to provide you with an accurate quotation for the supply of pads & square washers please detail the dimensions, thickness and grade, as well as the hole or slot size and any finish required. For us to quote for any other serrated components or plates with serrated areas please send a drawing with your enquiry. Lead times do vary, depending on our current capacity.


Delivery can be arranged to site or other locations. Customers can also arrange their own collections. International delivery can be arranged, we supply our products to companies and individuals across the UK, Europe, Australia, Canada and the Middle East.

Design Considerations

Daver Serrated Solutions specialise in the manufacture of plates, pads, square washers and other serrated components, all to our customers’ requirements. We receive enquiries from around the world and are happy to help. We are not designers but with our engineering experience and understanding through extensive testing, we can advise our customers on the design considerations required.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are confident in our serrated capabilities having built up over ten years’ experience dealing with the manufacture & supply of serrated pads, washers, plates & other serrated parts at here at Daver Steels. Here are the most frequently asked questions from our customers:

What is the pitch of the serrations?

The serrations are machined to a standard pitch that is 3mm wide x 1.5mm deep with a 45 ֠. This produces a clean, sharp and accurate fit between the pad & square washer and provides the customer with a superior quality product, compared to a washer or pad that has been pressed or stamped.

Is there a standard size serrated square washer or patch?

In short – no! There are sizes we manufacture more frequently but there is no such thing as a standard size. We work from the direction of our customers’ requirements and the capabilities of our machines.

The minimum thickness for a pad or washer is 4mm as standard. Often square washers & pads are ordered from 4mm or 5mm thick material. The maximum thickness we can produce a pad, washer or plate is 20mm +, depending on the grade so please contact or call on 0114 261 1999 to discuss your requirements

MaterialMinimum ThicknessMaximum Thickness
Carbon Steel S3554mm10mm +
Stainless 304/3164mm8mm +
Aluminium 5085 / 60624mm10mm +
Guide to minimum & maximum thickness of pads, washers or plates for each material grade

What sizes of serrated pads & washers do you hold in stock?

For a quicker lead time it is always worth checking to see if we already have the size washer or pad you require in stock.

If not, then the Serrated Solutions team at Daver Steels are continually creating stocks of serrated plates in varying thicknesses of carbon steel S355, stainless 304 & 316 and aluminium in preparation for new orders and to keep up with demand.

Upon receiving your order, the laser is programmed to cut the plates into the specified dimensions for each washer and pad. Hole and slots sizes vary as each order is bespoke.

What finishes are available for carbon steel products?

Our customers have the option to order pads, square washers or serrated plates as self colour (untreated) or to have them galvanised. Loose washers are sent on to be spun galvanised after manufacture, which does make them more expensive & increases the lead time due to the additional process required. Typically pads or patches are ordered as self colour because they will be welded onto brackets or other parts and galvanised after the fabrication is complete.

Please Note: Where the patches have been welded to a main fabrication, the zinc coating may require heating and cleaning after galvanizing to ensure that the serrations are free to interlock. The amount of cleaning will depend on the orientation of the fabrication during galvanizing and how the piece was withdrawn from the galvanising bath.

We work with a select few galvanisers that understand these products and work with us to ensure our finished brackets have the best quality serrated area possible, which also eliminates any reworks post galvanising.

Is there an minimum order quantity?

There is no minimum order quantity but we do have a minimum order charge. This will be detailed on your quotation. Please call 0114 261 1999 if you have any questions.

Do you provide samples?

We are happy to provide samples to potential new customers, with a UK address. Get in touch if you are designing a prototype & require a sample for research & experimental development (R&D) testing & analysis. Please contact with your request. We are also interested in your feedback!

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