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High Strength Steel S460

Exciting news in the welding department at Daver Steels  – our capabilities have expanded to now be able to offer the welding of S460 to our clients with a fresh Welding Procedure Specification to cover.

The relatively new grade of structural steel was only launched by British Steel in December 2020. It is a grade of carbon steel that possesses high strength, good ductility, and excellent weldability.

The use of a higher grade steel has a number of benefits. British Steel have carried out rigorous impact tests to prove that S460 sections outperform existing steel grades through their higher tensile and yield strength.

S460 sections offer advantages where weight is critical. The smaller, lighter sections have an improved environmental performance as the embodied carbon levels lower in direct proportion to the weight saving. Carbon emissions are reduced with the lower use of raw material consumption & at the other end of the process, less transport is required.

This material is used in many industries such as construction, offshore and automotive. Sections made from the new S460M grade are designed for use in multi-storey and high-rise buildings, as well as a wide range of other commercial and industrial uses.