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Raising Money for Cancer Research UK

After only 16 sessions of training, the newest member of the Daver Steels Sales team, Razak Adeyemi, stepped into the ring as a contender in Sheffield’s Ultra White Collar Boxing event, sponsored by Daver Steels.

Held at Bramall Lane, Ultra White Collar Boxing is a unique opportunity for beginners to experience the world of boxing in a safe and enjoyable environment. All boxers wear 16 oz gloves & head guards and are matched with an even opponent for the gruelling 3 two minute rounds.

Sheffield has raised £224,680 in total for Cancer Research UK Sheffield – Ultra White Collar Boxing.

Each year at Daver Steels we donate to a local charity instead of sending out Christmas cards and gifts to customers and suppliers. Money is also raised for charity holding annual company events such as dressing up on Christmas Jumper Day each December. December 2022 we voted as a company to make donations to:

Extra money for the charity was raised by Raz selling tickets for the event to friends, family, and work colleagues.